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The Law of Rules

Posted in Commentary, Current Events with tags , on July 11, 2014 by Political Tragic

The United States government organized by our Constitution is dependent upon many principles, but none in my opinion more important than the principle of the Rule of Law, the idea that laws are things fixed beforehand, to be read and understood by all, and which all are bound to obey. We have the Progressive Movement of the late 1800s & early 1900s and especially the academic President Woodrow Wilson for purposefully undermining the operation of this principle in American politics.

President Wilson and the Progressives were openly hostile to the Constitution and its restrictions on the scope of the federal government, and thanks to his largely successful efforts the presidency and the federal government grew obscenely in bloated authority and behemoth size at a rate which would be decreased only once, and briefly, by President Coolidge, and expanded at an ever increasing rate ever since. Since they had destroyed the Rule of Law, the Progressives put into place their own guiding principle: the Law of Rules.

A massive federal leviathan of agencies, bureaus, commissions, boards, departments, and other extra-constitutional governing bodies that all get to control chunks of Americans’ lives can’t be run according to one short, simple document that anyone can read and understand. To run the lives of millions of people requires millions of laws, laws “so voluminous that they cannot be read, or so incoherent that they cannot be understood.” To give but one prominent but hardly remarkable example:

No one has read these laws, not in their entirety. No one understands them. They were not drawn up, debated, or voted on by the law-making body of the government. (The original 2,000 pages were voted on, but not read nor understood by any of those who voted on them.) They change by month, either by increasing in size, or by certain sections of them being arbitrarily waived at the dipping of a poll number, or the threat of too noticeable an increase in medical “insurance” premiums (again, more on terms in a separate post). Certain people (including many, many groups who agitated for the passage of the original law) are exempt from the burdens of the law, and others are maliciously targeted by provisions set at the discretion of a single person (Secretary, Health and Human Services) who is not elected by the people.

This is the antithesis of the Rule of Law, it is the Law of Rules. The principle of the Law of Rules is best described to the younger generations as the Game of Thrones. Within its scope, anything goes, as long as you have the power–not Constitutionally granted powers, just any power you can manage to grab. You make up the law as you go, because its purpose is to hurt your political opponents in order to gain more power. And in America’s system of government–where the People are sovereign–the ruling elite’s political opponents are, increasingly, the People themselves.

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