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Posted in Commentary on August 19, 2014 by Political Tragic


Let this put the lie to the cloying reassurance that same-sex “marriage” activists don’t want to force religious people to take part in same-sex “weddings”. They absolutely, freaking, do.

They want to force conscientiously-objecting people to furnish the event, to lend their artistic talent to the presentation of the event, to cater for the event, and now to even HOST the event. The people who do this are not interested in Tolerance or Coexistence, and not Equality in anything other than a Newspeak sense. The Gay Fascists want the same thing the Feminists want, the same thing all Marxists want: They want to take stuff from the people who make stuff.

They want submission. They want to Rule.

And yes, They Absolutely Will sue to make YOUR house of worship bless the event.

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