Thoughts on “Rolling Back the Clock”

A common response to any criticism of Progressive Statism, usually in the service of one or more of the different strains of Marxism (classism, feminism, racism, environmentalism, etc.), is that “We can’t simply roll back the clock on *hot-button-topic* rights!” or “We can’t just go back to the 1950s!”

You don’t wish to be forced to pay for a strong, independent, adult woman’s abortion-inducing drugs? “We can’t roll back the clock on women’s reproductive rights.” Therefore, you must be forced to pay.

You decline to participate in a gay “wedding” by furnishing the flowers, photographing the ceremony, or baking the cake? “We can’t go back to the 1950s on gay rights.” So, the coercive power of the government will force you to do so, or pay ruinous fines.

You question the outrageous economic cost of pie-in-the-sky environmental diktats? “We can’t go back to the days of rivers catching fire!” Electricity rates will necessarily skyrocket.

It may be true that “we can’t go back to the 50s”, but if this kind of attitude isn’t shown the door, discredited, and abandoned, we will in fact go much, MUCH further back than 1950. Statism, whether Progressive or Conservative, whether the dictatorship of the proletariat or the divine rule of kings, leads always backward to the omnipotence of a ruling collective.

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